Edly’s Music Theory for Practical People

“Every so often a music theory book comes along that takes an approach so unusual and fun that even an ex-grad student can get excited about the subject. A book like this could make all the difference in the world for the kind of student whose eyes start to glaze over at the mere mention of the word “theory.”

~Keyboard Magazine

Edly Paints the Ivories Blue

“Extremely entertaining! All I could do today was read your book. I didn’t feed my dogs. I didn’t feed my wife. My dogs ate my wife. (That good of a book.)”

~Larry Neuhardt, Elderly Instruments, Lansing, MI

Who The Heck Is Edly?

Hi. Edly here. Here’s a bit about me. I’m a multi-instrumentalist (clarinet, sax, guitar, mandolin, tenor banjo, piano, bones, recorder, electric bass, and assorted other things), composer, performer, and teacher. I listen to, love, and play, many types of music…