Ben & Ed… and Little Red

Ben Monkaba is a musician and entertainer with Williams Syndrome. Ben has an unusually sunny personality and innate musicality and is a natural performer who is happiest when he is making others happy with his music. He sings and plays spoons and a jig doll named Little Red, while Ed Roseman accompanies him on keyboard, guitar, and clarinet. Their personal and musical rapport shines through in their performances, and is infectious to the audience. Their repertoire is comprised of familiar songs ranging from pre-Tin Pan Alley through Broadway and oldies from many different decades. Ben is a great fan of Sinatra, Cole Porter, Nat King Cole, Elvis, Johnny Cash, Michael Bublé, and the Everly brothers, to name just a few; they appear in the show through Ben’s presence.

Ed says, “Since first meeting Ben in the Autumn of 2018, we’ve become quite close and I consider myself fortunate to be able to call him a friend. He is one of the sweetest, most benevolent human beings I’ve ever met. (He’s also a very skilled and tasteful drummer, by the way, and we are very much looking forward to incorporating Ben’s new suitcase drum set into our live shows.) Ben’s smile and good mood are so contagious, I consider myself lucky to get to be around him as much as I am. I’m a big Ben fan.”

Watch our two short video demos at the bottom of the page.

Shows are normally forty-five minutes to an hour. Ben and Ed are okay with performing gratis, although Little Red wouldn’t turn down payment if offered. 🤡 Our actual payments have ranged from $0 to $200. We’ll work with your budget.

Recent performances include Providence House, Elaine Center, Linda Manor, and Christopher Heights. 

For booking or questions:
Ed Roseman


“What a delightful time we had with Ben and Ed and Little Red. Ben and Ed are such warm, genuine people, my residents spent the afternoon all warm and fuzzy and feeling good.”
~ Lauri Osip, Activities Director, Providence House in Holyoke

“What a show Ben, Ed and Little Red put on! The personalities of both brought ear-to-ear smiles from all the audience ranging from ages of mid 20s to 100. They don’t just sing and play, but put on a great show with jokes and little stories along the way. We can’t wait to have them back! The residents here had so much fun and raved about them for days after!”
~ Nicole Vallan, Recreational Director, Elaine Center in Hadley

“Ben and Ed’s show runs like clockwork with a seamless connection not seen since the great two-man teams of Abbot and Costello and Martin and Lewis. They are hand in glove, a well-oiled machine who thoroughly enjoy, along with the audience, every minute. There is a subtle communication between Ed and Ben that allows Ben to do what he does best and appears to enjoy most — and that is to entertain people. Ben’s perpetual smile engages everyone while Ed will often give voice to the audience as he supports and moves Ben along to the next routine, bringing the audience into the program. There is real talent in Ben’s offering, from his drumming to the pure joy of delivering a joke with Little Red and the presentation of a musical number.”
~ Sandra Farnsworth, Activity Director, Linda Manor in Leeds

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Crazy Circus Clown Medley

Ben and I made this, our first mini-movie (as opposed to a demo), in March 2021. We had a blast doing it, especially given how much Ben loves clowns and clown culture. It’s a video version of our live Crazy Circus Clown Medley. We hope the generous helping of cheesy jokes and fun will make you smile.

My wife Heather made the costume with the idea that it could be put on in less than two minutes so Ben could quickly transform into a clown for our live shows. She also painted Ben’s jig doll, Little Red, to look like his original clown character, Big Red. Thanks, Heather!

Our two short demo videos.

Singin’, strummin’, spoons ’n’ toots