Lessons with Edly

It took the pandemic to get me back into teaching. I’m currently doing so via Zoom, for $50 with a sliding scale if necessary. I offer lessons on guitar, piano, mandolin, tenor banjo, electric bass, clarinet, and recorder. I also have some students who mostly just want to work on theory. Others use Edly Paints the Ivories Blue as a starting point. I’m fine with various scenarios and focuses… including shifting ones. 

If you liked my book(s), you’ll love my private lessons.

My books were written to be understood by a wide range of people. My lessons are fine-tuned to each individual. Let me fine-tune you!

Many teachers have a fairly or fully established curriculum that all their students are expected to follow—they do their best to keep you on the straight and narrow. While I understand there being some good reasons for this approach, it isn’t how I teach. My approach is more to lead you on the curvy and wide. I treat each student as an individual, taking great pains to get inside your head, see how you think—what you do and don’t know, how you learn best—and then go from there. I do my best to help you proceed from your strengths while working on your weaknesses. Whenever possible, I try to lead students to “ah-hah moments” rather than only dumping information in your lap. I figure that “ah-hah moments” are more fun, and help things stick better.

While weekly lessons are the default, I’m open to every other week, or even monthly if necessary, although monthly lessons can be a challenge in terms of continuity.

Tech stuff: I have two cameras; one on my face and another for a close-up of the instrument. I also screen share to show sheet music, etc. I’ll send you Zoom info well before the first lesson, including instructions on how to optimize the app for music. It’s easy.

Drop me a note if you’d like to talk about lessons.


Lessons with Edly were beyond my expectations. He is, hands down, the best music/guitar instructor I have run across, with a deep understanding of numerous instruments and a number of musical disciplines from around the world. This perspective gives him the ability to identify what a student most needs and impart the understanding that allows the student to improve right away. If the student puts in the work, Edly can facilitate their rise to whatever heights they are capable of reaching.

~ Mike Gaurnier

I’ve got A.D.D., so am not the easiest student, but Edly responds to my musical brain and learning style with maximum grace & patience, tailoring specific resources to meet my needs (above & beyond!) while making the lessons engaging and useful. I feel like he knows what works for me better than I do. Could not recommend more strongly!

~ Kel Monroe

In just a short time, you’ve given me a clear insight into musical concepts I only vaguely understood until now. Edly Paints the Ivories Blue is a marvel of clarity and adding your personal instruction to the mix makes it all work in a powerful way. I truly think the book/lesson combination is great. It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for… for years!

~ Ross Ziskind

Edly is a focused and attentive teacher who carefully designs lessons to help you achieve your musical goals! He provides detailed feedback during lessons and writes up exercises, tips, and reminders to guide your practice between lessons.

~ Nora Spiering

Delightfully askew, different and inspired point of view, sense of exploration and freedom from boundaries, fun and serious all at once, fascinating, challenging, warm and fuzzy, conscientious, deep, caring, creative, interesting, quirky non-conformist, new ways of thinking, opener of doors.

~ compendium from past students

Edly is patient, flexible, and knows EVERYTHING about harmonies (and a lot of other musical topics)! Whatever your proficiency level, your musical boundaries are going to expand.

~ Jean Monroe